Saveology - Boiler room phone dailing

Ontario, California 0 comments
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I'm tired of receiving calls to my office. The last time your boiler room operation rang my phone and proceeded to keep an open line for 37 minutes tying up my business phone.

Then not even acknowledging the phone had been answered. I'm on the national no call list, stop calling me and my business as i'm not interested in any company who cant abide by simple rule and regulations as simple as a no call list unless you think your operation is above the law. I will protect myself legally if this harassment doesn't stop.

By the way what is with all the complaints against your company don't you people know the first point of business is to make a customer happy not alienate them. This whole operation must be a scam.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of other product. Saveology needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Saveology - Simple Review #1418088768

Saint Petersburg, Florida 0 comments

I ordered the drone for $99.00 normally cost 200.00. I paid with paypal. I have ordered other things from savelogy and rc'd them as promised.

Review about: Positive Experience.

Saveology - Simple Review #1408197591

Not resolved

Tengo mas de un año pagando por una tarjeta que dijeron que me llegaria...nunca he recibido nada y los cobros de mi trajeta siguen... les he intentado llamar y no contestan...he cancelado mi subscripcion por internet y el cobro mensual continua...

Review about: Customer Service.

Saveology - Simple Review #1404383828

Grovetown, Georgia 0 comments

I have contacted this.this place months ago an canceled it Just to find out they are still taken my money how can I get this stopped an would like to get my money back because of them my account was over drawn an I'm pissed..

Review about: Customer Service.

Saveology - Simple Review #1403802391

Sacramento, California 0 comments
Not resolved

I try to ahold of them customer service. Never happen and never hear them again.

Lost $150 and still deduction on my credit card every $15.

How can i stop that ? Pleasw help out!

Review about: Customer Service.

Saveology - Charge Review

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Saveolgy is a horrible company. They keep charging me after they say they won't. This is theft and they never refund my money!

Review about: Charge.


Hollywood, Florida, United States #989043

They changed the company name at least 5 times. We were encouraged to slam an order.

My team leader told me to make sure I got the sale and he didn't care how, just make sure it happened.

Call center employees were treated like trash compared to corporate. When I first started it was not so bad but got worse as time went by

Saveology Dining Scam Cancellation Number

Killeen, Texas 1 comment

This is nothing but a scam. I was lied to and conned into it.

I was told I won a contest and was going to get a $100 Visa gift card that I could use anywhere. I had to be a member of their club to get it though and it would only cost me $9.95. I was calling my Capital One card when I got this person so I thought it was legit. I gave them my card then as soon as they processed it, they told me to collect it on this website.

I hung up and went to the site and saw that it had nothing valuable to me and that it was a voucher, not a giftcard and it was only good for their website. Also, the next month they started charging me $9.95 monthly! I changed my card number and it did not help anything. Everytime I called to cancel I got a message machine where no one returned my calls.

I finally got ahold of them with this number: 1877-607-1076. They tried to give me 3 more free days and a gift card, but I said heck no! Cancel and stop charging me! After 20 minutes of me refusing offers from him, he gave me a cancellation confirmation number...I still don't believe it.

I will let you know if he actually cancelled my membership. I have been trying to cancel since February 2013 and today is August 27th 2013 and my most recent charge was yesterday. I have lost $70 to this website and never even used it and never received the supposed voucher to begin with. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

If you are reading this because you need help cancelling, all I can say is, it sucks! You have to pretty much close your bank account and open a new one to get the charges to stop.

They are the worst company I have ever dealt with! Stay away form them!!!

Review about: Saveology Dining Club.

Monetary Loss: $70.


Ridgewood, New York, United States #831978

Son UNOs ladrones, asquerosos. Yo cancelé el supuesto contrato k tenia *** ellos y como quiera me siguen cobrando a mi tarjeta.

Scammed by comcast and saveology

Naples, Florida 0 comments
Not resolved

switched over by comcast to this rip off fraudulent company, promised a rebate after 16 weeks, now 32 weeks and waiting forever. Excuse after excuse but no rebate will ever come to us or you.

We have been calling weekly since February, always the same excuse, accounting is backed up. This is just fraud. Called Florida attorney general office but same bureaucratic malarkey about filing complaint. in the meantime people are being cheated every day and nothing is being done about it.Buy nothing frm this Ft Lauderdale based scam company.

It is amazing that this company can stay in business or that anyone who researches before buying deals with them. That was our mistake.

Review about: Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $179.

Saveology - Survey reward scam

Houston, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved

I was transferred over after a customer service call with Comcast and they told me after singing up with them i was going to receive a $100.00 Visa card as courtesy I agreed to give them my card number and was signed up for saveology dining and entertainment, which i have not used one since acquiring the membership. I decided to cancel this account before my free trail was up she assured me that my card would not be charged.

Well it was.

now I have paid for a month and can't get my money back or get into account to buy anything if I wanted to.

As others have said it is a scam, You don't get a $100 card, free merchantdice, or anything

Review about: Saveology Dining.

Monetary Loss: $10.


Bloomington, Illinois, United States #683644

I just got off the phone with them after being on hold for 20 mins. Like the person said before you do not get any rewards they promised.

They could not even get my address right. I called 4x and they keep leaving out my apt# and I never got my $25 gift card for I tunes. I ask for a refund. The only thing in my area they had was steak n shake buy one get one free.

I told them I can get that out the news paper. What a joke.

Saveology - 12 phone calls later...


I signed up for a free 7 day trial and tried to cancel it the next day. It took me calling every day for 12 days for them to actually cancel it.

Now I'm fighting for a refund because it took so long to cancel my trial that they charged my credit card. I've probably wasted 8 hours on the phone with these people. Avoid them at all costs. Seriously.

This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a company.

It's a total scam. And now I'm sure I'll never see my $9.95 again and definitely not the 8 hours of my life.

Review about: Dining Service.

Monetary Loss: $10.



I ordered two products in May ( portable cell phone charges ). One was a gift, a little too late for that.

$40.00 plus shipping charges. I had and have recently tried to contact them. No reply to emails. Three months ago when I did get a live person, she was rude and ignorant.

No knowledge of any business matters with company. I am pissed off as well!

If anyone knows how to go about being refunded or how to contact them, could you please email me at Thanks!


Thanks.. I made the mistake about 20 mins ago...

Once I saw all the deals were totally lame... Couldn't find a link anywhere to cancel. Sent email form. More importantly..

Contacted credit card company to let them know this may be a dispute item if saveology tries to charge me.

Searched google on how to cancel saveology... Brought me to this site. Thanks for posting your experience... Otherwise I'd be in the same boat as you.

My cc company is making sure to block any attempts for this company to charge me.

I love Amex... You can't get better buyer protection.

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